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Main Attraction Films is an independent production company making in-house feature films. With every project we undertake, our ambition is to always produce high quality commercial feature films for worldwide theatrical release and subsequent DVD release and on-demand streaming services. We are very much aware of the need to make high returns on capital investments and strive for this goal at every opportunity.

Main Attraction Films is proactive in pursuing the best distribution deals for our films in all territories thus maximising profits for our investors. All revenue streams will be fully exploited including: Theatrical release, DVD rental and sales, Subscription TV, Free-to-view TV, On-demand services and Original Soundtrack releases on CD, iTunes and other formats, as well as merchandising.

We are focused on producing high quality films that also have a long "shelf life", thus creating long term sources of income that stays active long after the theatrical release window has expired. In order to achieve this, we are committed to a visual language and method of story telling that has resonance with a broad demographic group and which is generally accepted by, and appealing to, a wide international audience.

Main Attraction Films is seeking to establish itself as a major player in British film industry and is prepared to utilise all the new exciting opportunities that are created by new technologies and new business models
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